X7: A Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

edited by Alex Davis

X7 takes you on a sinister, startling and scintillating journey through the deadliest of sins with seven superb horror tales. In these pages both hero and anti-hero will succumb to sin and reap the results of their behaviour. Be it the gastronomic society that uncovers a unusual delicacy, a brother seeking to become closer to his lost sister, the wrath of a serial killer – and his psychologist – being unleashed or the simple sin of lazing a while by the waterside, this anthology will shock and surprise and equal measure.
Table of Contents
  • Dead End by Nicholas Royle
  • If I Were You by Amelia Mangan
  • Gravy Soup by Simon Clark
  • The Devil in Red by Alex Bell
  • Stormcats by Simon Bestwick
  • Walls by Gaie Sebold
  • Seagull Island by Tom Fletcher