What Goes Around

What Goes Around
edited by David Owain Hughes & Jonathan Ondrashek

We’re told good always triumphs over evil. We would all like to think that’s true even if we don’t entirely believe it with conviction. But what if evil had a battle with itself? What would happen if two forces of badness went toe-to-toe with each other? Such tales exist within this tome. Prepare to be shocked and amused, and don’t be surprised to find yourself rooting for the bad guy. Why? Because What Goes Around…
Table of Contents
  • Conquistador by Rob McEwan
  • Tiddlers by Rhys Milsom
  • Route 66 by Dawn Cano
  • Rose Above by Stuart Keane
  • Taming the Tongue by Chad Lutzke
  • A Hitman’s Death by Peter Oliver Wonder
  • Where the Monsters Live by Duncan Ralston
  • The Killing Floor by Alice J Black
  • Revenge Exactly by Tamara Fey Turner
  • Under Cursed Moonlight by Jonathan Moon
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Cursed, Something Blue by Sarah Dale
  • Queen B by Rose Garnett
  • Those Borrowed Faces by Craig Saunders
  • Knackered by Skip Novak
  • Wretched Annie by Rich Hawkins