Teeming Terrors

Teeming Terrors

edited by Christine Morgan

Teeming Terrors 314x500

Nature. Filled with wonder, beauty, majesty and mystery. Also filled with things that want to kill us. Normal things, little ordinary things. Things that creep and crawl. Things that fly, swim, scuttle and slither. Things that you might expect to be phobic about – and rightfully so – as well as things you may have never imagined as a threat. Individually, maybe they wouldn’t be. But therein lies the problem. They aren’t coming for you individually. They’re coming for you in swarms, in flocks and hordes, in masses and multitudes. They’re coming for you by the thousands.

Table of Contents

‘An Exercise in White’ by Lee Pletzers
‘The Barking’ by E S Wynn
‘Human Fish-Swarm of Olms’ by Jim Goforth
‘A Thousand Little Deaths’ by Randy Carroll-Bradd
‘La Juno Pier’ by Becca Morgan
‘Hive Mind’ by Phil Sloman
‘Love in the Time of Geckos’ by J Mehentee
‘Dyeing Inside’ by Ken Shinn
‘Blades’ by Kerry G S Lipp
‘Infection’ by E A Black
‘Attack of the GRONKlings!’ by Doug Blakeslee
‘The Day of the Deerflies’ by Stanley Webb
‘Feathered Frenzy’ by Nick Walters