Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies

Sunny, with a Chance of Zombies
edited by Dion Winton-Polak

A sensational selection of strangely uplifting stories to help raise a smile at the end of the world. “This is gonna sound a bit weird, but do you think all people taste this good, or just zombies, or just this zombie?” Our authors have dug deep to bring you brand new tales of anarchy, heartbreak and revenge, leavened with a little bit of love, life and laughter. Within these pages you’ll find a variety of zombies, from the classic Shamblers to the Working Dead and the sentient Other. Ranged against them are a motley bunch of survivors. Some will take cynical advantage of the situation whilst others try to build a better life in the dead new world. “Pop bought me my first zom when I was eighteen. She was a real bitch; wiry and evil, and she won me a few races before her left leg dropped off and she couldn’t race no more.” We’ve got all sorts waiting in store for you here, from necromancy to technomancy; savagery to comedy; lovers, liars, looters, and the very tenderest of tragedy. All in all, the outlook’s good.
Table of Contents
  • First Thaw in the North Woods by Chris Bauer
  • Thirty Minutes or it’s Free by Anthony Cowin
  • Sacrifice by Sarah Doebereiner
  • Paradise by Nikki Tanner
  • Mystery Meat by Marc Kadushin
  • Run, Rabbit by Louise Maskill
  • Order Up by Angeline Trevena
  • …Sort of a Love Song by Eric Blair
  • Two Wheel Salvation by Samson Stormcrow Hayes
  • Revenants by James Pratt
  • Sunny and the Ugly Man by B T Joy
  • Wolf’s Bane by Mark Best