Strange Fortune

Strange Fortune
edited by Alex Davis

Luck can do the strangest of things… All of our lives we are surrounded by luck both good and bad, the vagaries of destiny and coincidence driving us towards our ultimate destination. But how much of that do we make ourselves – and how much of it is simply fate leading the way? This anthology gathers together 11 stories, 11 explorations of the dark and the fantastical elements of fortune. This collection will remind you not to step on the cracks as you walk down the street, to think twice before throwing your pennies into the wishing well, to be careful before you cross the living – or the dead, and of course to remember that you can make your own luck… at a price.
Table of Contents
  • The Ten O’Clock Horses by Niki Valentine
  • Uncaged by Paul Finch
  • Last by M P Neal
  • Well Wishers by Mike Shevdon
  • Cracking Up by Finn Clarke
  • Between the Walls by Cameron Suey
  • A Cautionary Tale by Diotima Septima
  • For Luck by Ian Hunter
  • The Bull of Essylt by Jo Thomas
  • Hospice of the Dead by Suzanne Robb
  • The Developing Fluid by Joel Lane