Soul Survivors II

Soul Survivors II
edited by Christine Morgan

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. Sometimes with a bang, sometimes with a whimper. Sometimes with something altogether else. Maybe humanity falls to demons, or disease. Maybe it’s the undead, or maybe just plain death. Maybe it’s unlike anything we’ve predicted, or imagined … until now. They say, only the strong survive. They say, survival of the fittest. It isn’t always true. In the course of this book, you’ll witness several different endings of the world. You’ll meet several survivors, fit or not. Join them, in their journey. See if you, too, have what it takes to be one of the… SOUL SURVIVORS.
Table of Contents
  • Josiah’s Roses by Rich Hawkins
  • Thank God for Chicken by Suzanne Robb
  • Bitterness by Bowie V Ibarra
  • The Last Hero by Doug Blakeslee
  • Alpha to Omega by Kerry Lipp
  • We Lost Charlie Today by Stuart Conover
  • The Tyranny of Shadows by Chip Fehd
  • This is How it Ends by John Claude Smith