Reality Bites

Reality Bites
edited by Alex Davis

Join us for this new six-part series that reinvents reality TV and asks the question: just how real is it, and just how close are reality and fiction getting?
Episode 1: Time travel has been used to change the world forever – why shouldn’t it bring something new to our airwaves? See how present-day reality stars fit into life in the Bronze Age!
Episode 2: When Arthur Banks approaches a leading ghost hunter programme with his incredible ghost scanner, ratings begin to climb through the roof. But does the scanner really work – and what secrets might it unveil?
Episode 3: A hardened group of mercenaries embark on a dangerous mission in the heart of the jungle. Their target is clear – yet their aim is less so…
Episode 4: A host of washed-up celebrities. An abandoned mental asylum. A feast of food and drink. All the components for an unnerving night of Reality TV – but this night will surpass all expectations of terror.
Episode 5: While the housemates sleep, devoted Reality TV fans watch through the night. But they’re going to see something they never expected – because something else is watching too…
Episode 6: Ready for a television first? Follow Billy Wilson up close and personal as he builds up to committing suicide, live and exclusive!
Table of Contents
  • Tribe Test by Simon Clark
  • Dead Right by Janet Edwards
  • End Transmission by Gav Thorpe
  • Wormwood by Chris Amies
  • Day 34 by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  • I, Ross, Take Thee, Rachel by Philip Palmer