Play Things & Past Times

Play Things & Past Times
edited by Steve J Shaw

In PLAY THINGS, Allen Ashley, Stephanie Ellis, Richard Farren Barber, Geneve Flynn, Scott Shoyer, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Kelly White and Max Wright remind us that even the most innocuous toys can be evil…
In PAST TIMES, Kelda Critch, S. L. Dixon, Pauline E. Dungate, Joshua L. Hood, Sloane Kady, Nicola Lombardi, Catrin Sian Rutland and M. J. Wesolowski revisit childhood traumas which continue to cast shadows over the victims’ adult lives for years…
Table of Contents
  • The Midnight Scare by Richard Farren Barber
  • Making Grody by Max Wright
  • The Yellow Marble by Kelly White
  • The Pontianak’s Doll by Geneve Flynn
  • Hunted by Stephanie Ellis
  • Mother Comfort by Allen Ashley
  • And Then Darkness by Scott Shoyer
  • Mister Ted by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • The Swimming Hole by Joshua L Hood
  • Keepsies by Kelda Crich
  • Treasure by S L Dixon
  • The Devil in I by Pauline E Dungate
  • Sand Castles by Nicola Lombardi
  • Gauging the Dark by Sloane Kady
  • Nightworlds by Catrin Sian Rutland
  • Rockets by M J Wesolowski