Once Bitten

Once Bitten
edited by Steve Lewis

While the bright light of day banishes lesser horrors, it only makes love gone wrong stand out all the more. When that love is driven by the demented, the unnatural and the straight-out evil, the bright light of day might be the last thing you need. Or see. In Once Bitten, 15 authors show us that the sweetest of emotions, mixed with a touch of darkness and more than a hint of the supernatural, can be a bitter, bitter cup from which to drink.
Table of Contents
  • Housebound by Jacob Prytherch
  • The First Mirror by T Fox Dunham
  • Paper Frog by Martin Nike
  • The Whorehouse Ghosts by James Park
  • To the End of Love by Elle Joyce
  • Love Bites by Nic Martin
  • Oblivion is the Sweetest Word by John R Fultz
  • Thrill of the Chase by N O A Rawle
  • A White Farewell with a Splash of Red by Sheldon Woodbury
  • Revolver Concert by Spencer Carvalho
  • Young Again by Michael Seese
  • Sol Sistere by Ian Faulkner
  • Mama’s Boy by Steven Chapman
  • Bernice by James S Dorr
  • The Shape of the Heart by Tim Jeffreys