KWP Welcomes Matty-Bob Cash

Back in Feb, we announced a project to be co-edited by Matty-Bob Cash and Anthony Cowin In Dog We Trust a charity anthology. Since then, we’ve been keeping things under the radar a little bit concerning Matty. However, the ‘cat’ as opposed to the dog, is now out of the proverbial bag.
Sitting on a rainy April afternoon, Matty and Theresa Derwin of KnightWatch Press hammered out the details of a new contract. Tension simmered as they battled over the wording of the document; what font should they use? OMG! But at last, over a pint or half at the Square Peg, Birmingham, the top secret documents were signed. Queue drum roll…

It is now with intense pleasure that we can announce KWP will be publishing Matty’s 57,000 word Novel Pinprick in April 2016.
Matty has been writing since he could write. He was reading and writing in the first years of primary school and can still remember it now. In fact, he was dictating to his Dad as a wee nipper before he could even write. Matty loves all things dark. Remembering the first story he wrote, he tells us “a black panther escapes from London zoo and attacks people on the Underground. It was quite a feasible idea as I looked back on it. It would’ve been scary and nasty. It was always horror.”
Matty lives in Walsall. He is a husband and father of two kids, Martha-Mai aged 5 and Mortimer aged 3 and Frankie the Dachshund, the inspiration behind In Dog we Trust.

So what’s Pinprick all about?

IMG_0192Country-village boy Shane has never felt at home in his own village, always seeking bigger things. He’s desperate to escape the mantle of country mouse to become town mouse.

In 1986, five boys break into the Brantham House of Oddities. Only one boy, Shane, walks out. For years, as an outcast, he faces the stigma of being the only survivor. Twenty years later, Shane is an infamous politician and his mother’s death drags him back to Brantham. The village may have changed a little, but the locals haven’t.

Part Wicker Man, part cosy catastrophe, in the village of Brantham, something is waiting for Shane to return. If only he could remember what…