KWP News – December 2014

Phew, what a year it’s been! I’m currently sitting on my sofa with my feet up breathing a sigh of relief that the food shop is done, all presents are delivered and I can start to relax. And contemplate the first half year of business. It’s been interesting to say the least…

I bought KWP on 1st July 14 and inherited a number of projects and existing books, but decided it wasn’t enough! Since taking over KWP I’ve released eight new paperbacks, including the acclaimed chapbook ‘The Night Just Got Darker’ by Gary McMahon and eight ebooks. I’ve launched Campfire Chillers by Dave Jeffery at Scardiff, Potatoes and Worms at Edge Lit and Control by Kyle Turton at the KWP Christmas party on 20th Dec. I feel exhausted just writing that down. And the party, for those that attended, was an absolute blast.

So what does the future hold? Well, on 8th Jan, my birthday, I’ve booked a conference room for the team to get together and plan 2015. We have loads of new titles coming out and we want to make the most of forthcoming cons to launch those titles. I’m delighted to tell you that Dean M Drinkel has agreed to edit ‘Masks’, which has so far garnered a lot of interest. Our next title due out 30th January 2015 is ‘The Girl with the Dark Hair’, a fantastic signed limited edition chapbook by Sean T Page. You can pre-order this post-apocalyptic tale now for £4.00 plus 99p delivery. Best of all, author Sean T Page is donating all of his royalties to the Red Cross, so please support him by ordering this book now. We expect it to sell out.

Speaking of royalties, over Christmas I’ll be eating, drinking and calculating royalties from all titles between 1st July to 30 Nov 14, sending out statements to authors and artists and completing my first ever tax return. I’m just a tad nervous about this.

But before I sign off for a couple of days, I just wanted to thank everyone who has supported KWP and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.