In Dog We Trust

KnightWatch Press are excited to tell you about a new charity anthology coming in Autumn 2015. Edited by Matty-Bob Cash and Anthony Cowin, In Dog We Trust does for Pedigree what Zombieland did for theme parks. Imagine Planet of the Apes with dogs, or Turner and Hooch with horror. With proceeds going to Birmingham Dog’s Home, this anthology of fifteen short horror stories, featuring a whole pound of well known genre writers, will be at the paw front of our new releases.

Dogs have aided the development of mankind for thousands of years. Their loyalty and intelligence helped us evolve to become the ruling race of this planet. But we’ve tamed them, domesticated them and bred them beyond what is natural. We don’t need to read Cujo to find tales of canine horror, we just need to scan the daily newspapers. Dogs are turning on man. No longer loyal but their intelligence grows.

Some dogs have had enough of the pampering and intensive breeding. They realise the wild is their home not some televised dog show. They are sick of being discarded like skeletal Christmas trees in January, locked in pounds and forgotten.

While mankind rested on its laurels some dogs continued to evolve. Now is their time – time for them to rule. Fortunately, for now, it’s only a minority of mutts. Some still maintain echoes of loyalty to mankind and ride a line between feral and friend. Others however hold no such attachment. But all use the humans to help them carry out their ferocious attacks. Throughout history humans have used dogs to overtake the world. Now dogs are using humans in the same way. Once dogs were called man’s best friend. But that was before everything changed and they became Man’s Beast Friend.

An anthology of stories where dog and human work together to spread horror across the world. Is the dog the real killer or are humans once again remembering their thirst for blood? Either way the stories will involve dog and human partnerships, or dogs that roam alone using their cuteness and affection to trick humans. Maybe some dogs revolt against this tide and help humans fight other dogs. Maybe some humans realise they can harness this ferocity for their own means. And maybe there are pet shops, dog pounds and family homes all on the brink of bloody horror. Whichever way the writer approaches the subject is up to them as long as it involves a killer dog and a human at some point.

So, look forward for lots of doggy (er, dodgy) goings on in this brand new anthology with Man’s Beast Friend.