Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate
edited by Matthew Cash

Chocolate. Some people crave it, some people hate it. It is given on many occasions, and used for many reasons. For celebration and for comfort, in good times and bad. This selection box brings you 14 treats, with original illustrations by Holly Marie Smith, all enveloped in the deepest, darkest chocolate.
Table of Contents
  • Chompers by Duncan Ralston
  • One Bowl at a Time by S L Dixon
  • The Chocolate Goddess by Justine Johnston Hemmestad
  • Death by Chocolate by Edward Breen
  • Not So Sweet by Holly Ice
  • Wonky Willy by Christopher Moore
  • The Eater Egg by Calum Chalmers
  • Toffee is Best by Christopher Law
  • Barry’s Last Day by Kayleigh Marie Edwards
  • Soft Centred by J R Park
  • Le Ciel de Chocolat by Daniel Marc Chant
  • And He Called Her the ‘Chocolate Girl’ by Mark Woods
  • The Chocolateman by Jonathan Butcher
  • Why Can’t I Be You? by Matthew Cash