Challenger Unbound

Challenger Unbound
edited by Michael R Brush & S G Mulholland

In these twelve stories you have it all: from Simon Kurt Unsworth’s gripping tale to Paul Lewis’s eerie Cthulhuic River of Bones, the diabolic The Damnation Gate to a blood-curdling yarn from Ian Millsted. There is sci-fi to steampunk; taking Professor George Edward Challenger from before The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle to stories beyond When the World Screamed
There are stories for the purists, like Challenger and The Isle Out of Time, to those who want to rip up the canon with Tom English’s Challenger of Two Worlds. What has been cared for is the central characters – these are the heroes of Arthur Conan Doyle. Flawed and preposterous as only they can be and brave and quick witted in turn.
Challenger, with or without his companions, is ready for all the adventure he can get his hands on, but are you?
Table of Contents
  • The Last Expedition by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  • River of Bones by Paul Lewis
  • Challenger and the Isle Out of Time by Michael R Brush
  • The Damnation Gate by Harding McFadden
  • The Death of Challenger by Steve Lockley
  • Professor Challenger and the Spider’s Kiss by Bob Lock
  • The Vendetta Virus by Rhys Hughes
  • The Lady and the Professor by Ian Millsted
  • Challenger of Two Worlds by Tom English
  • An Unnatural Selection by Ian Faulkner
  • Challengers in Space by Michael R Brush
  • Two Challengers by J R Campbell