edited by G P Stratford

This is a collection of stories about dead bodies. Not the undead, not the walking dead, and not the unquiet spirits that remain after death (although some of our bodies certainly move around, and the odd ghostly figure may be seen flitting here and there between the covers). The stories span a range of genres from crime through gothic fantasy and out to the further reaches of horror, but all of them have as their central focus the adventures that befall, well, let’s not mince words, Corpses. Stiffs. Cadavers. We’re sure that you will enjoy the collection. And that once you’ve finished it, you will never again think that death is the end, even if you don’t believe in an afterlife.
Table of Contents
  • Girls From Jumbo by John Biggs
  • Necromancer by Kenneth C Goldman
  • Return Trip by Joshua L Hood
  • Daisy Chain by G P Stratford
  • Postcards from the Dead by Steph Ellis
  • Sinker by Christine Morgan
  • Manna from the Mersey by Stephen McQuiggan
  • Glass Caskets by Adrian Ludens
  • Like. Nothing. You’ve. Ever. Seen. Before. by Ian Hunter
  • Autopsy Room Three by Kiona Smith-Strickland
  • Too, Too Solid Flesh by David Grigg
  • Pus(s) by David Croser
  • Vegas or Bust by Stewart Hotston
  • Ghosts of Gettysburg by Lynda M Vanderhoff